Sadly, The Superhero Showdown Race 2017 has come and gone. It was such a fun packed day, we didn’t want it to end. Planning an event, such as this, you always want it to be perfect. You want everything to run smoothly and you want everyone to enjoy themselves. As the Founder of Super T’s Mast Cell Foundation, the purpose of my foundation is to educate/raise awareness for Mast Cell Disease, while we support and encourage those impacted by mast cell. That is exactly what I wanted the race to accomplish; educate and support. Due to having a medically challenging morning, and not being able to give a short talk at the beginning like I had hoped, I thought I would quickly mention two main points I wanted to be stressed at the race.

To implement our purpose as a foundation I came up with goals, such as how many sign ups I wanted to have and how much money we could raise. My ultimate goal for sign ups was 600, and we certainly surpassed that hitting over 700 sign ups. The more people we had, more would become aware of this rare disease. Also, that is why a brochure was created and placed in the bags at the race. Please take time to read over them, and if there are any questions or you want to learn more do not hesitate and message us. I would love to talk to anyone interested in learning more about this disease. In a nutshell, Mast Cell Disease is a condition in which the body either produces too many mast cells, the body produces in range amounts of cells, but they function incorrectly, or you have combination of too many cells behaving incorrectly. To reinforce our goal of supporting those with Mast Cell Disease, 5 Mast Cell Heroes will be receiving a mini grant once all calculations are completed. A goal I had set was to raise at least $50,000 so a portion could be set aside for our heroes. We are still calculating final amounts, so stay tuned for final results!

Overall, this day couldn’t not have happened without the help of many of hands. Thank you to those who gave up time to help plan every detail of the race, gathering and being in contact with our vendors/sponsors, keeping us sane during prep week as we approached race day, giving suggestions on how to be successful in different aspects of the race, and helping my dream become more than just a dream. I honestly cannot thank everyone enough.