Our Story

Super T’s Mast Cell Foundation was started based off a dream and passion fuel by our very own Super T (Taylor Nearon). After receiving a medical diagnosis of a rare condition otherwise known as Mast Cell Disease, she started framing out the dream that would become this foundation. Dealing with this disease first hand and knowing how rare it was; Taylor wanted to make a change. She took her passion for helping others to form this foundation to ensure no one had to battle alone, and to help raise funds for research efforts to arise to help a cure to be found one day.

Our vision as STMCF is to stand by those suffering from Mast Cell Disease and to educate/raise funds to help the needed trials and research to be started to one day find a cure or better treatment and testing options for this rare condition; and all its subforms. Overall, we are committed to uplifting those affected by Mast Cell Disease, while using our passion to make a difference by having an open-minded approach in regards to raising awareness/funds to one day contribute to efforts improving care for mast cell.


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