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Give a Mask, Get a Mask

Want to make a difference? Spread the word, we have masks!!!! If there was ever a community who needed to protect themselves against viral threats, it is this one. Buy a mask and for each mask sold, one will

The Loneliness in Remembering

Lifting my gaze upward, I stare at the immense insurmountable wall. I calculate how I’m to muster the energy to scale it, yet I remain lost in uncertainty. In a way, it is partly my creation. The longer I have

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Grants given to 18 patients

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$95,000 in funds raised

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I am proud to see what this organization has accomplished and the support it has given me and my family going through some of the roughest times we have ever had to endure.

Harry B.

We run every year in Taylor’s name to help support this organization. Although we can’t be there with the group, it means the world to put feet to the ground and have it mean so much.

Stephen B.

I just received your check in the mail and it felt like a dream come true. We had to leave our home and say goodbye to everyone and everything we knew to fight this disease. This gift is truly a blessing and there are not enough words to say thank you. I will never forget this and will hold this foundation very close to my heart.

Super M
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